You are currently viewing मुंबई उच्च न्यायालय नागपूर बेंच ‘स्वयंपाकी’ short list 2023

मुंबई उच्च न्यायालय नागपूर बेंच ‘स्वयंपाकी’ short list 2023

Nagpur Bench Bombay High Court Cook Recruitment short list 2023

Nagpur Court Cook Recruitment short list 2023- Welcome to the latest update on the Nagpur Bench Bombay High Court’s recruitment process for the post of “Cook.” In October 2023, the esteemed court announced the availability of two cook positions, creating an exciting opportunity for aspiring candidates. This blog post will delve into the recent developments in the recruitment process, specifically focusing on the practical test and the publication of the eligible candidates list.

Recruitment Announcement:

In October 2023, the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court released a recruitment notification for two cook positions. This announcement sparked enthusiasm among eligible candidates looking to showcase their culinary skills in the esteemed court’s environment.

Selection Process Overview:

The selection process for the “Cook” position involves various stages, with the first step being the Cook Practical Test, accounting for 30 marks. This practical test aims to evaluate the candidates’ hands-on culinary skills and their ability to perform the specific tasks required for the role.

Publication of Eligible Candidates List:

The recent update brings good news for applicants as the Nagpur Bench has released the combined list of candidates. This comprehensive list includes three distinct sections:

  1. List of Provisionally Eligible Candidates: This section comprises the names of candidates who are provisionally eligible to appear in the Cook Practical Test. These individuals have successfully met the initial criteria and are now set to showcase their culinary prowess in the practical assessment.
  2. List of Rejected Applications (Delayed Receipt): Unfortunately, some candidates faced rejection due to delayed receipt of their applications. This section outlines the names of individuals whose applications did not meet the specified timelines and, as a result, could not proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.
  3. List of Applications Not Considered: This section provides details about candidates whose applications were not considered on various grounds mentioned in the notification. Understanding the reasons for non-consideration will help applicants identify areas for improvement in future endeavors.

About the Cook short list Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court

The Nagpur Bench Bombay High Court’s recruitment process for the “Cook” position has progressed to the practical test stage, and the publication of the eligible candidates list marks a crucial step in this journey. As candidates gear up for the Cook Practical Test, this update serves as a reminder of the competitive yet rewarding nature of the selection process. We wish all the aspiring cooks the best of luck as they embark on this culinary adventure within the esteemed corridors of the Nagpur Bench. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting recruitment journey!

नागपूर बेंच मुंबई उच्च न्यायालय स्वयंपाकी भरती पात्र उमेदवारांची लिस्ट PDF – Nagpur Bench: Recruitment for the post of “Cook” Short List 2023 zp result 2023

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