You are currently viewing Talathi Bharti 2023 -Total Post 3110  | तलाठी भरती २०२३ अपडेट | talathi bharti Maharashtra 2023 | महसूल विभाग तलाठी भरती विधानसभा मधील अपडेट
Talathi Bharti 2023 -Total Post 3110 | तलाठी भरती २०२३ अपडेट | talathi bharti Maharashtra 2023 | महसूल विभाग तलाठी भरती विधानसभा मधील अपडेट

Talathi Bharti 2023 -Total Post 3110 | तलाठी भरती २०२३ अपडेट | talathi bharti Maharashtra 2023 | महसूल विभाग तलाठी भरती विधानसभा मधील अपडेट

Talathi Bharti 2023- महाराष्ट्र तलाठी भरती २०२३

तलाठी भरती २०२३ महत्वाचे अपडेट आजच्या अर्थसंकल्पीय अधिवेशनात देण्यात आले आहे. तलाठी भरती २०२३ हि ऑगस्ट २०२३ पर्यंत पूर्ण केली जाणार आहे परंतु अद्यापर्यंत जाहिरात प्रसिद्ध झाली नाही . त्यामुळे अधिवेशनात या बद्दल प्रश्न विचारला गेला पुढील प्रमाणे-

प्रश्न – राज्यातील तलाठी संवर्गातील रिक्त पदे भरण्याबाबत

राज्यातील तलाठी (गट-क) संवर्गातील रिक्त पदे तसेच महसूल व वन विभागाचा शासन निर्णय दिनांक ०७/१२/२०२२ अन्वये नव्याने निर्माण केलेली ३११० पदे सामान्य प्रशासन विभागाचा शासन निर्णय दिनांक ०४/०५/२०२२ व दिनांक २१/११/२०२२ मधील मार्गदर्शक सूचनांनुसार भरण्याबाबतची कार्यवाही सुरु आहे. त्याकरिता भरावयाच्या पदांची बिंदूनामावलीनुसार माहिती सर्व महसूली विभागांकडून घेण्यात येत असून भरतीप्रक्रियेची पुढील कार्यवाही विनाविलंब सुरु करण्याची तजवीज ठेवण्यात आली आहे.

Talathi Bharti 2023
Talathi Bharti 2023

Talathi bharti 2023

Talathi Bharti 2023 is an upcoming recruitment drive for the position of Talathi in the state of Maharashtra, India. The position of Talathi is a vital role in the revenue administration system of Maharashtra, responsible for maintaining and updating land records, collecting revenue, and providing various services to the citizens.

The Talathi Bharti 2023 is expected to be a highly competitive recruitment process, and it is important for candidates to prepare well for the exam to secure a position in the state revenue department. In this blog, we will provide you with all the necessary information and tips to help you crack the Talathi Bharti 2023 exam with ease.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Talathi Bharti 2023 exam, the candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • The candidate must have completed their Graduation
  • The candidate must be proficient in Marathi.

Exam Pattern

The Talathi Bharti 2023 exam will consist of two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 will be a written exam, and Part 2 will be a personal interview.

Part 1 will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions, with a total duration of 90 minutes. The questions will be divided into four sections:

Marathi Language – 25 marks
English Language – 25 marks
General Knowledge – 25 marks
Mathematics – 25 marks

Part 2 will consist of a personal interview, with a total of 20 marks. The interview will assess the candidate’s personality, communication skills, and knowledge of the job role.

Preparation Tips

Understand the exam pattern: It is essential to understand the exam pattern before you start preparing for the exam. Knowing the exam pattern will help you prepare a study plan and prioritize your preparation accordingly.

Prepare a study plan: A study plan will help you organize your preparation and ensure that you cover all the topics before the exam. Divide your preparation into daily, weekly, and monthly targets.

Practice previous year papers: Practicing previous year papers will help you understand the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the exam. It will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Focus on weak areas: Identify your weak areas and focus on improving them. Give more time to the topics you find difficult.

Improve your general knowledge: General knowledge is an important part of the exam. Read newspapers, watch the news, and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings.

Take mock tests: Taking mock tests will help you assess your preparation and identify areas where you need to improve. It will also help you get familiar with the exam pattern and manage your time better during the exam.


Talathi Bharti 2023 is an excellent opportunity for candidates who wish to work in the revenue administration system of Maharashtra. To crack the exam, it is essential to prepare well and follow the tips mentioned above. With the right preparation, dedication, and hard work, you can secure a position as a Talathi and contribute to the development of the state.